Oregon DUII Diversion

Many first-time DUII/DUI offenders in Oregon are eligible for diversion, which is an agreement with the court that ultimately allows for the dismissal of your DUI. The DUII diversion agreement lasts a year and requires you to pay fines, attend a victim's class and obtain alcohol evaluation and treatment. If you successfully complete the year-long diversion, the court will dismiss your DUI.

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Is DUII Diversion an Option for Me?

DUI Diversion is a beneficial program if you are qualified. However, not everyone is qualified. For example, if you have a commercial driver's license (CDL), have prior DUI convictions or have undergone a previous diversion program in the past 15 years, you may not be eligible.

To have your DUII or DUI charge dismissed, you must meet all of the Oregon DUI Diversion program requirements such as:

  • Pay diversion fees
  • Complete an alcohol and drug abuse assessment and treatment program
  • Attend a victim impact panel
  • Abstain from alcohol use during the sobriety portion of your treatment
  • Install an approved ignition interlock device in all the vehicles you operate if ordered by the court

While you are on diversion, there is a zero-tolerance policy of drinking and driving. In other words, having any alcohol in your bloodstream could result in a conviction.

Participating in a diversion program can be costly and time consuming, but it allows you to avoid the risk of a trial.

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