Domestic Violence Self-Defense

Domestic Violence Self-Defense

The nature of domestic violence charges is that the police sometimes arrest the wrong person. When someone calls 911 during a family dispute, officers may arrest one of the parties based on who has the more discernible injuries or is more upset. However, the person taken to jail may have only been defending himself or herself.

Domestic violence is a serious charge in Oregon and needs to be defended aggressively. Your rights, your freedom and even your employment may be at stake. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and put together a game plan for your defense.

Self-Defense in Domestic Violence Cases

Police arriving at a domestic violence scene may conduct only a superficial investigation of what happened. Typically, they accept the word of the alleged victim, especially if the victim has visible injuries. Once the police have made an arrest, the state will be more focused on convicting the person they arrested than on finding out what really happened.

As your attorney, I will pick up the investigation where the police left off. The details concerning how an event unfolded may show that self-defense was an appropriate response to the situation.

When using self-defense as a defense to domestic violence charges, it’s important to show that the steps you took to defend yourself were reasonable and proportional because you were afraid the other person would hurt you.

You should not rely on information you read about domestic violence defense on the Internet, as it may be wrong, outdated, or not apply to your situation. It’s always best to discuss your case with an experienced Portland lawyer. For a free initial consultation, call or send me an email.