DUI Penalties

Defense Attorney Against DUI Penalties

Some of the penalties and consequences of a conviction for driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII or DUI) are obvious. Your driver’s license may be suspended, and you may face jail time and large fines. Other consequences may not be immediately obvious. You face thousands of dollars in fines and other financial charges, including possible fees for an ignition interlock system, alcohol treatment classes, increased insurance rates and other costs. A DUI conviction can also affect your employment, especially if you drive for a living.

The consequences of a DUI arrest increase if you have prior convictions, as shown in the following chart:

Oregon DUII or DUI Penalties
First offense You may be eligible for DUI diversion.
First conviction The first DUI conviction will result in a one year driver’s license suspension, probation, a minimum of 48 hrs jail or 80 hrs of community service, minimum $1,000 fine, alcohol evaluation and treatment, and several other requirements.
Second conviction A second DUI conviction will result in a three-year driver’s license suspension if it is within 5 years of your last conviction. It will almost certainly result in more jail and probation time. The minimum fine is also increased to $1,500.
Third conviction A third DUI conviction within ten years is now a class C felony in Oregon. This could result in actual prison time. There is a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 90 days and a minimum $2,000 fine for a 3rd DUI. The DMV will revoke your driving privileges for life.

To avoid the increased penalties that come with multiple DUI convictions, it’s important to do everything you can to avoid a first conviction. Discussing your case with an experienced defense lawyer is an important first step.

As a former CLS prosecutor for the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office in Oregon, I know exactly how to evaluate the prosecution’s case and pinpoint issues the prosecution might overlook. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

If you have questions regarding DUI or DUII penalties in Oregon, contact my law firm. I will provide you with the answers you need.