Domestic Violence

Criminal Defense Attorney Against Domestic Violence

Under Oregon law, felony domestic assault charges may be brought for an alleged act of violence that results in serious physical injury to a person with whom you now share, or once shared, a personal relationship. Felony charges are usually filed if a child is present or if a weapon was involved. However, it is possible to face felony charges even if no weapon was used in the alleged assault.

Individuals who are charged with domestic assault are often surprised to discover how seriously the state takes these charges, even though they may have been falsely accused or the charges are excessive for the situation. That is why it is crucial to have a serious criminal law attorney on your side to help prepare an effective defense. I am Portland domestic violence defense lawyer Andy Green, and I can help protect your rights when you are facing criminal charges.

Behaviors That Can Lead to Domestic Violence Charges

Under existing laws, any of the following types of behavior may result in a charge of domestic assault or battery:

  • A push, slap or even grabbing the car keys out of someone’s hands
  • Throwing water in someone’s face or tossing a plate against a wall
  • Verbal threats or threatening behavior

Harsh Punishments for Domestic Violence Charges in Oregon

If you are convicted of domestic abuse, you face the prospect of jail and significant fines. You may also lose other rights. Depending on the severity of the charges, you could lose your right to carry a firearm and your parental rights. You may be required to take anger management classes or other costly and time-consuming counseling programs.

Because this is a criminal offense, a conviction will result in a record that shows you have a violent history. Anyone with access to your record, such as a potential employer, will not know the true details of the incident and may assume that your criminal act was much worse than the actual charge. These charges need to be taken seriously as your future is at stake.

Protecting Your Rights With a Strong Criminal Defense

I know how prosecutors prepare their cases and how to build a strong defense against criminal charges. More importantly, prosecutors know me. I have worked alongside them. They know that I stand behind my cases. When I approach them with a plan for a fair outcome, they know that I have done my work and my offer has merit. If they do not agree to a fair outcome, I am prepared to fight for your rights at trial. I may be able to argue that it was domestic violence self-defense or defend against your charges on other grounds. I am also experienced with cases involving family law restraining orders.

If you have been charged with child abuse, domestic violence, or spousal abuse, get skilled legal help right away. Call the offices of Andy Green, Attorney at Law, P.C., or contact me online to arrange a free initial consultation.