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Andy is recognized as one of Oregon’s Top DUI Lawyers. Contact Andy Green for DUI and related criminal charges and protect your rights today.

Personal Attention From Start to Finish

All of my clients have direct access to me from start to finish, not an assistant or junior attorney.

Our Client Reviews Make Us Proud

We are proud to have over seventy 5-star reviews from happy clients on Google, Yelp, and AVVO.

A History of Exceptional Case Results

We have a history of obtaining great results for clients for over a decade. Visit our case results page to learn more.

We Offer a 100% Free Case Analysis

An initial consultation allows me to be fully informed about your case to determine if I am the right lawyer to defend you through the DUI process.

Portland DUI Defense Attorney

I am recognized as one of Oregon’s Top DUI Attorneys, providing compassionate defense for DUI and related criminal charges.


That’s what people tell me after meeting with me for the first time. When you’re facing DUI or criminal charges, you need a trusted DUI attorney that will do what it takes to help you in a time of need. My clients feel better because I take a personal approach to the practice of law. I take the time to get to know them and the legal problems they are facing. After talking with me, my clients know that I genuinely want to help them.


As an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Portland, I take a lot of pride in doing everything possible to help my clients reach the best possible outcome. Whether you have been charged with DUI/DWI, reckless driving, domestic assault, drug possession or another crime, I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. I will answer your questions and put together a game plan to get started on the path to success.

Call now to protect your reputation and future





DUII Alcohol


DUII Alcohol & Reckless Driving


DUII With Drugs & Reckless Driving



If this is your first dui

you may qualify for the

Oregon DUI Diversion Program

If this is your first DUII/DUI offense, you may be able to participate in the Oregon DUI Diversion Program. By law in Oregon, this diversion program allows you to get the DUI dismissed.

The Oregon DUI Diversion Program is an agreement you make with the court, where if successful, your case is ultimately dismissed. Call me to find out if you qualify.

In the courtroom

I will aggressively

defend your drivers license

If you get a DUI in Oregon, you will have 10 days from the arrest to request a hearing with the DMV or your license will automatically be suspended. I will defend your ability to drive and do my best to protect your driver’s license to keep you on the road. It is critical that we do not miss this deadline to demand the hearing.

The law provides that

field sobriety tests are only admissible

in court if performed according to NHTSA standards.

I will carefully examine the details surrounding the arrest to make sure that proper procedures were adhered to. Failing any of these tests may indicate that a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but it also may not. Many other factors can prevent a person from passing these tests, including disability, so they’re not foolproof.



Our Process

A criminal record can keep you from getting a job and affect you whenever you undergo a background check.

Having a conviction on your record can also result in more serious consequences if you are charged with another crime in the future. I’ll review your situation and the charges being brought against you, above all I will be straight with you. When you contact me, you’ll only work with me, Andy Green. I won’t hand your case off to another attorney, and I’ll make sure you know what’s happening every step of the way.


Communication is important to me, just as it is to you in your DUII/DUI case. We’ll start with a free phone consultation. Contact me online or give me a call. Once we have an appointment, we’ll talk about the details of your specific case and determine if I’m the right fit for you.


I understand that each case is unique. Whether this is your first offense or you’ve been through this before, you must have legal representation in your case before you give any details to the police or the prosecution. You need a defense attorney on your side from the beginning.


While I can’t promise an outcome, I can promise to do everything possible to protect your future. I will prepare your case for trial so and at the same time, I will look at all possible avenues of resolving your case through dismissal or negotiation. As one of the best Portland DUI lawyers, I will do what it takes to help you in a time of need.


  • The use of the Internet or this form for communication with the firm or any individual member of the firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent through this form.


Andy Green, Attorney at Law, PC
Based on 5 Reviews
Sam P.
Sam P.
2019-10-20 17:12:41
Case succeed. I can give you key words that you could count on when working with Andy. If you look for these keywords when searching for help in...
Brittney S.
Brittney S.
2018-04-12 19:13:01
If there was 10 stars I would give Andy just that. I recently found myself in the most stressful event of my life. Wondering if I needed an attorney to...
Richard S.
Richard S.
2018-01-29 17:44:18
Andy is incredible! He talks to you like a human being and sincerely cares about his clients. I immediately felt at ease after speaking with him. Andy does...
Carrie Evans
Carrie Evans
21:20 26 Feb 20
Based on all of the positive online reviews, I contacted Andy Green and I'm so glad I did! I reached out to Andy via email with a couple of questions and he responded promptly. I was able to schedule a consultation to review my case with him and he was very honest with me, which I greatly appreciated. Andy gave me hope at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. Not only was he able to defend me, he was able to get a better outcome than I even thought possible. His calm and kind demeanor offered a sense of relief during a scary time in my life. I am so happy with my experience as Andy greatly exceeded my expectations. I am forever grateful for his service and I highly recommend Mr. Green without reservation.read more
Katie A.
Katie A.
18:58 09 Jan 20
Andy was extremely punctual in all his answers. He was there for me every step of the way and made me feel like I wasn't alone during the process. He was very knowledgable and personable too. Defiantly would recommend him to anyone!read more
21:31 19 Nov 19
Andy is a fantastic attorney. His knowledge of Oregon DUI Laws, courtroom strategy and negotiating skills are exceptional. He helped me prevail in what I thought was an unwinnable situation. Great Job!! Andy. Thanks again.read more
Jessica Sims
Jessica Sims
22:37 14 Oct 19
Andy Green is THE MAN !!! He really takes care of you. After making the poor decision to drink and drive and race another car on a Friday night on HWY 26 going 105mph on 60mph road, I was facing a serious Reckless Driving offense, DUI and criminal speeding ticket. I lost my job because of these offenses happened in a company vehicle, and potentially ruined my career in the industry I was working. I have heard horror stories about other lawyers charging too much and doing little to nothing. But lucky for me I hired Andy, and because of his long term relationships in his industry, he was able to get the prosecutor to drop my Reckless driving charge and massive speeding ticket as well as enter me into the DUI Diversion program. Everything was essentially dropped and after completing Diversion I will have no conviction record of any of these offenses. This has saved my background check for future employment and housing applications! Thanks Andy, you saved my future.I am writing under a sudo name to protect my identity from google searches but Andy you know who I am. Thanks for your help buddy!read more
Carlos Casarez
Carlos Casarez
17:30 20 Sep 19
Andy Green is an amazing attorney, but far more important, a compassionate and understanding human being. Besides getting the best possible outcome imaginable he also communicates with his clients thoroughly. I think anyone who needs an attorney knows the stress of dealing with the legal system, whether you're in trouble or not. Having Andy made dealing with the courts as low stress as possible. You will feel at ease after talking with him and working through whatever issues have to deal with.read more
Casey Nielsen
Casey Nielsen
02:13 13 Jul 19
Andy was very helpful an knowledgeable about Oregon law, he was familiar with the prosecutors an was able to help me resolve my legal issues I would absolutely contact him again if I was in a legal bind. ??read more
23:09 10 Jul 19
Andy is very helpful and reliable who will get a best outcome for you in a short time. My case was done with a much better result than I thought.read more
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee
20:48 19 Jun 19
I hired Andy in January of 2019 after I had been charged with a DUI and Reckless Driving. He was my choice because he was the only lawyer I called who actually asked how I was doing rather than just skipping to cost and procedure. I was not disappointed. Andy is caring and compassionate, and he quickly responded to any and all questions I had. He was able to help me enter Diversion and obtained a plea deal for my reckless driving charge. I would definitely recommend Andy to anyone who is going through this hard time. He will work hard for you and more than likely get the results you want. He also dresses great! Thanks Andy.read more
Abdullah Sevincer
Abdullah Sevincer
23:44 13 Jun 19
If it was possible I would give Andy not 10 stars but infinite stars. Andy is very knowledgeable, smart and hardworking. Consider all the reviews that is written here so far, he is nothing less but much more than that. He is very understanding, helpful, true professional and has the upmost character that a human being could have. He is incredible. He is very very responsive and you will get your answers right away anytime you contact him. I found myself in a complex situation, in a big disaster and almost in an impossible case to win. I reviewed several attorneys and luckily I came across Andy. Now I realized that I really found a needle in the haystack. Andy treats you better than your family members, your close friends. Most of them were away during my hard times but Andy assured that he is always there and providing the help that I needed. Dealing with the law is not easy and you need a strong advocate that will be on your side. Besides emotional stress you also start to struggle financially overtime. During this time I saw that Andy does not care about your money but only you.To summarize, WE WON THE CASE. I would not hesitate to hire Andy again if I were in any trouble (I never want to be in any trouble again). I recommend him to friends, family members and anybody that is in hard times. His prices are very reasonable and he really exceeds expectations. I feel that he is like my brother.read more
Ed S
Ed S
17:28 07 Jun 19
Hiring Andy was the right choice. He actually cares about you and helping you get the best possible outcome. Highly recommend hiring him as your DUI attorney.read more
Joseph Hansen
Joseph Hansen
00:38 21 Mar 19
I am so pleased with Andy Green being my lawyer. He did a fantastic job and did everything he said he was going to do today in court. I recommend him before anyone.read more
Matthew Rose
Matthew Rose
23:46 20 Feb 19
Forever grateful for the services of Andy Green. This is the guy you want on your side. I came to Andy facing several serious charges and he guided me through the long and daunting legal process with the upmost professionalism and expertise (plus he’s super cool). In the end Andy helped me get a better outcome than I could of ever imagined. I would recommend him as a lawyer hands down and he is the one I will recommend to my friends and loved ones should they face legal troubles in the future. Andy treated me like a friend and helped me get my life back on the right track.read more
19:24 22 Jan 19
Highly professional attorney, exceeds expectations! Mr. Green is highlighy intelligent and will absolutely go the mile for his clients. He seems to be very personally invested in his clients affairs and it shows. I would not think twice about seeking his counsel. Great trial attorney. And a genuinely good human being.read more
Ahmad abdulkadir
Ahmad abdulkadir
22:38 06 Dec 18
I would highly recommend Andy Green to anybody who's having legal troubles. I was recommend through a friend about Andy. My case was very intense and stressful, but andy and his colleague made me confident through the whole process. He was available to communicate with me anytime. I had over 20 charges, while i was on probation. Andy was still confident to go through judge trail instead of jury trail to get me my freedom. Also Andy's firm was very reasonable to the prices.read more
John Randak
John Randak
16:51 23 Sep 18
Andy Green was recommended to me by a friend in a similar situation. He was professional, knowledgeable and responsive. Super down to earth... made me feel like I could call him any time day or night. If you're looking for a personal relationship with someone who is really going to fight for you (someone who actually cares), give Andy a call.read more
Brittney Buchanan
Brittney Buchanan
00:37 18 Sep 18
If there was 10 stars I would give Andy just that. I recently found myself in the most stressful event of my life. Wondering if I needed an attorney to represent me. I called and Andy answered on the second ring. He was very understanding and willing to help. I set up an appointment with him and I'm glad I did. He treats you like you're a friend and will always answer your questions (Even when he's on the treadmill) on his own personal time. He's excellent at what he does. My case didn't get dropped because I myself admit I was guilty so this review is strictly based on Andy and his service. His pool of knowledge saved me on so many levels. Having someone represent you the way he does makes you feel at ease. If you are wondering if you need an attorney for a DUII the answer is yes. It's worth the money and Andy knows what's best for you and will guide you along the way.read more
Bryon Adams-Harford
Bryon Adams-Harford
09:54 18 Jan 18
Andy answered that first call at 4am, and he responded to every call/text/email after. He broke down my options, and the pros and cons of each, in a transparent and straightforward way that helped ease my (ongoing) worry. His fee is very, VERY fair, he has significant experienced, and he turned my .06 into a “Not Guilty” verdict.read more
Ryan Votaw
Ryan Votaw
01:00 12 Dec 17
The most professional attorney I have came across. Andy helped me out with a problem of mine, and I have not had one set back the entire time my case was being handled by Andy Green and his staff. Thank you again for all the help! I will be recommending his Andy and his firm to ANYONE that ask for an attorney in Oregon. Worth every dollar!read more
America Trujillo
America Trujillo
16:25 14 Nov 17
Andy Green is a true professional. He handled everything with care and was available for any questions I had. He has an amazing team who is easy to communicate with, they go the extra mile. I would highly recommend Andy Green if you are in need of an attorney. A big thank you is not enough. Andy Green you are a hero!!!read more
Daniel Avila
Daniel Avila
19:12 25 Oct 17
Andy help me the best possible way I’m happy with his service he gave me lots of options to choose from since the beginning of the case was nice to work withread more
01:17 17 Jul 17
I've been hesitant to review Andy on yelp or anything, because it's pretty personal that my family had to seek his help. However, if you are in a bad legal situation, you will probably feel better with his help. He made us feel comfortable, understood, and taken care of. His office even responded when I called with a concern, while he was on vacation. I will always be grateful for his help!read more
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Now Offering $500 Off DUI Case Representation I’m here to help!  As the Covid-19 continues to impact everyone, I will continue to make my services accessible and to provide a more affordable way to get the very best representation possible. I will be offering everyone a $500 discount on all DUI and other criminal related [...]

DUI Controlled Substance in Oregon

Did you know that you can get a DUI in Oregon even if you haven’t been drinking? Many Oregon residents are surprised to learn that “Driving Under the Influence” isn’t limited to the influence of alcohol. You can also get into legal trouble for operating a vehicle if you have prescription drugs, weed, narcotics, and […]


How do I choose the right attorney?

The first step is finding an attorney who specializes in handling criminal cases like yours. An appropriate level of experience is critical when selecting an attorney to represent you. Do you feel comfortable with the attorney and is he going to provide you with good communication? You want an attorney who keeps you informed throughout the case. You should also make sure that the attorney you are speaking with initially is going to be the attorney that handles your case. Some firms have an attorney that handles sales, but once hired, you’re passed off to another attorney.

Do I even need a lawyer?

The biggest mistake most people make after being arrested is not seeking the advice of a qualified attorney. Depending on the circumstances, a criminal conviction on your record can follow someone for the rest of their life. A qualified attorney can not only get your charges and fines reduced but depending on the situation can have your case dismissed entirely. Being charged with a crime is terrifying experience. A good lawyer will take a lot of the fear out the process by explaining what to expect and preparing you for court.

What is an interlock ignition device (IID)

An Interlock Ignition Device is a court-mandated device that connects to the ignition of a DUI offender’s vehicle and measures the driver’s BAC levels. The IID prevents a vehicle’s engine from starting until the driver has provided an alcohol-free breath sample. An IID is a requirement on most Diversion cases. It will also be required to reinstate your license upon a suspension for a DUII conviction.

Do I have to go to court?

Most likely you will have to make at least one court appearance. Although, an experienced attorney can make some appearances on your behalf and get other appearances waived. Typically when you hire a private attorney you will have less court appearances than you would on your own or with a public defender.

How can a Lawyer help me with a DUI Case?

There are two types of cases. A DMV suspension case and a DUI criminal case with the courts. A qualified DUI attorney can challenge your license suspension with the DMV as well as build a strong foundation for the upcoming criminal case. At the very least, having a good attorney will make the process smoother and less stressful.

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