Can I Get a DUI or DUII For a Single Drink If I Am underage?

Drinking underage is a huge risk that can affect the rest of your life if you are caught. Though it can be potentially fun and exciting as, say, a teenager to engage in alcohol-related activities, it can also be dangerous and possibly fatal to those involved. That is why the only times that minors are legally allowed to imbibe are:

  1. In a private setting (such as a home) in the presence or with the permission of a legal guardian or consenting adult
  2. For religious purposes (such as the drinking of sacramental wine in a church)
  3. For government work (in a controlled setting for research purposes)

In Oregon, the rate of underage drinking is exponentially higher than it is in other states. And, the rate of alcohol-related auto fatalities caused by underage drivers versus those caused by drivers 21 years of age and older is also much higher. Therefore, the state has very strict laws and regulations when it comes to DUI’s and underage drinking.

Oregon’s DUI laws are the same for a minor as they are for an adult. This means that, if a person or persons under the age of 21 are pulled over while driving and are in suspicion of drinking, and their BAC (blood alcohol content) is anything above 00.00%, they could be charged with a DUI. The penalties of an underage DUI charge include imprisonment, fines, and license suspension. In addition, an underage driver could also be charged with distributing alcohol to (other) minors, possession of alcohol, solicitation of alcohol, child endangerment, and more, depending on the specifics of the situation.

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