What is an Assessment Fee for an Oregon DUI?

Make no mistake: Oregon wants to keep drunk drivers off of the road by any means necessary. Most people agree that the implementation of drunk driving laws is crucial to saving as many lives as possible. However, many of the same people will make the mistake of believing that they are sober enough to drive, and they’ll find themselves being arrested and facing stiff assessment fees (penalties).

How much should a driver expect to pay in fees, even if they’re being charged with their first DUI offense? Here’s a chart listing penalty fees, including a $40 assessment fee, that is due when drivers are charged with a DUI in the State of Oregon:


As anyone can see, there’s no financial let-up for drivers who are charged with their first DUI. The state is very serious about keeping intoxicated drivers off of the road, and authorities will cause financial pain to anyone who violates the law.

But, a driver might believe that there are reasons why they felt it was safe to get behind the wheel of their car. Below are common examples they’ll give to arresting officers:

“I’ve just left a wedding/anniversary/special family gathering!”

Most would believe that it’s unrealistic not to enjoy a cocktail at a family gathering, especially one that calls for celebration, and dancing. However, this isn’t an excuse that will hold up in court. The law expects anyone driving to possess a BAC (blood alcohol content) of less than 08.%.

“I just stopped for a beer after my driving shift!”

Commercial vehicle drivers are often under a lot of pressure to deliver their haul in a specified period of time. This means that they often drive long stretches of road without stopping, and their trips are often exhausting. It’s common for drivers to stop at a rest-stop and enjoy a beer (or hard liquor) in order to take the edge off after a long haul.

However, if the drivers are passing through Oregon, then they should know that they’ll be charged with DUI if their BAC level is over .04%, which is less than the legal limit for individual drivers.

“I only had one cocktail while out with friends/on a date!”

What goes better with a good meal than a good cocktail, and great friends? But, many people find that their fun night out on the town turns into a nightmare after they get pulled over by cops and blow a higher BAC than is legally allowed.

And, as many have found out the hard way, even one cocktail can elevate blood alcohol levels past the legal limit for driving, even though the driver might feel sober and coherent.

What Should Drivers Do In These Situations?

In many cases, drivers aren’t trying to cause any harm on the road. In most cases, the drivers aren’t irresponsible monsters, yet the law will treat them as such. Being charged with DUI comes with many personal and professional consequences, so it’s crucial to contact an attorney who is skilled in negotiating Oregon intoxicated driving laws. Contact Portland DUI Lawyer Andy Green at 503-477-5040.