What is a Unitary Assessment Fee for an Oregon DUII Charge?

While most drivers are concerned with the $1000 fine and the suspension of a drivers license it is important to remember there are other costs when it comes to a Portland, Oregon DUII. The unitary assessment fee is $95 and must be paid by anyone that is charged with a DUII in the state of Oregon. Other fees could include a $40 assessment fee, a $130 fee for an intoxicated driver program, a county assessment fee of $59 and a $90 diagnostic fee. Depending on which county you receive the DUII ticket you could have other fees to pay as well.

No matter how many times you have been charged and convicted with a DUII in the state of Oregon you are going to have to pay the $95 unitary assessment fee. If you are concerned about the loss of your license, the fees and possible jail time for a DUII in Oregon please contact me at 1-503-477-5040. I offer free consultation and will be willing to visit you while you are in jail. Having represented hundreds of individuals with a DUII ticket I have the knowledge and experience to help lessen your charge. Finding an experienced Portland DUII Lawyer is as easy as using the contact us form here.

Please note that the fees and costs mentioned above are for those that have been arrested for drunk driving or driving under the influence of intoxicants for the first time. The fines increase with each subsequent arrest. The second arrest increases the fine to a minimum of $1500 and the third arrest increases the minimum fine to $2000. Also remember that all DUII convictions must receive a mandatory alcohol evaluation to determine the extent of their alcohol problems.

If you are facing a first time DUII charge you may want to consider the Oregon DUII Diversion program. Completion of the program will result in the dismissal of your DUI charge. If you have any questions related to this particular program please access our resource here: Portland, Oregon DUI Diversion Program.