Facebook Flub: Online Post Leads to an Arrest

A motorist is typically busted for drunk driving on the streets. In many cases, a routine traffic stop can evolve into an investigation. However, what if a person was under the influence of alcohol while driving, made it home, and was subsequently busted after alerting friends of the illegal whereabouts? This can happen. It is called Facebook.

An arrest after a Facebook confession

According to The Oregonian, in early 2013, an Oregon motorist crashed into two cars while driving under the influence of alcohol. After the accidents, the driver fled the scene; however, he left small pieces of his damaged vehicle behind. Nevertheless, the man ultimately made it back to his home the night of the incidents.

Perhaps the buzz of this young motorist had not worn off, because that same night, the driver posted via Facebook – to 600 of his buddies – that he drove drunk and hit two vehicles earlier that night.

At the time, the police had already been in the process of investigating the hit and runs. When an officer received a Facebook tip and phone message regarding the motorist’s post, investigators moved in on the man at his home. When they arrived, there were several indications of damage, consistent with the hit and run, which were on the suspect’s car.

What many individuals do not know is that police in Oregon have a presence on social media. Every time someone posts something in an online venue, authorities may be looking. Information is not as private as it appears.

An investigation beyond the road

This story serves as a lesson and reminder that a criminal investigation for drunk driving does not have to begin on the road. Police use varied types of evidence to pin a suspect to illegal activity.

In an age when individuals document and recount everything in the online world, officers are using this type of evidence more and more. Everything is exact and tracked in the electronic age. Text messages, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other online sites can place an individual at a particular place, and at a particular time. Moreover, pictures and posts can be suggestive of illegal activity, but incorrect. For this reason, individuals should be especially cautious about posting material online.

If you have been charged with a serious crime, it may help to have a criminal defense attorney by your side. A lawyer can assess all evidence that is brought against you in your matter.