What is DISP for DUI in Multnomah County?

DISP is a DUI Intensive Supervision Program offered only in Multnomah County, Oregon for repeat DUII offenders. Though similar to a DUI Diversion program, DISP is not intended for those with a first or second-time DUII offense. In fact, it is geared towards helping those with multiple offenses, people who have felony charges related to the amount of DUI’s they have accumulated and who clearly have issues with substance abuse. Therefore, DISP is really an alcohol reform program for those people, which often allows them to avoid any further jail time.

When a person enters Multnomah County’s DISP, they are signing away their right to drink alcohol for a term of three years. They cannot be in the presence of alcohol socially or privately; so, for example, they cannot hang out at bars or have any alcohol in their home. A person who enters into the DISP also forfeits their right to driving a car for the duration of the program. The program also requires that participants visit with their parole officers frequently to monitor their progress, so it is not only then a commitment for the person with the record, but family and friends as well.

Many times, because of the strict requirements of DISP, people are unable to meet all of the expectations placed upon them and end up serving part of what could end up being a year-long jail sentence because of just one slip-up. It is a difficult program, but those who complete it not only avoid a year in prison, but also gain control of their life and their addiction. It is a very special program (Clackamas County is the only other that runs something even close to DISP) that, with the help of a lawyer, could help a person with multiple DUII offenses in the Portland area really turn their life around.
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