DUI Intensive Supervision Program (DISP) vs DUI Diversion in Oregon

The DUI Intensive Supervision Program (DISP) is a diversion type program in Multnomah County. The big difference is DISP is for repeat offenders while the DUI Diversion program is for first time offenders. The DISP is also a much more strict program because it was created for repeat offenders. To enter DISP an individual must sign away their right to drink alcohol for three years. There can be no alcohol in one’s house and a vehicle cannot be owned. Once entered, a DISP participant must report to a case manager and cannot “hang out” at bars or places in which alcohol is exclusively served. Lastly, one must enter a course of treatment to maintain sobriety during the three year period.

The DISP is very intense but it is worth it to anyone that does not want to go through jail time. The DUI felony charges that would normally have them in jail for significant periods of time can be reduced if the person is willing to sign up for the DUI Intensive Supervision Program. This program was created for those that have several DUI convictions. If you have received your first DUI we strongly suggest contacting Mr. Andy Green to discuss the DUI Diversion program.

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