Can I Get a Hardship Permit After a DUI in Portland, Oregon?

There are many situations in which an individual has a license suspended or revoked but they need to be able to drive to conduct a normal adult life. Driving to and from work and providing transportation to loved ones is often an afterthought for most but it becomes at the forefront of concerns when one does not possess an Oregon Driver’s License. In the state of Oregon there are hardship permits available to those who need to drive for:

  • Occupational and employment (job) purposes;
  • Occupational (job) training or education that is required by one’s employer;
  • Transportation to and from an alcohol or drug treatment or rehabilitation program;
  • To look for work (for up to 120 days);
  • To obtain medical treatment on a regular basis for oneself or a member of the immediate family.

The Oregon DMV “amended OAR 735-064-0060 to allow a person whose driving privileges are suspended under ORS 809.260 to choose to apply for either a hardship permit or an emergency permit, but not both. The person can choose to apply for the permit that grants the privileges most needed.”

Also of note, the Oregon DMV “amended OAR 735-064-0060 to allow a person with a probationary permit to drive to obtain medical treatment on a regular basis for the person or a member of the person’s immediate family. Such driving was previously allowed only for a hardship permit.”

Getting a hardship permit could require a wait time. For your first Oregon DUI conviction there is no wait to apply for a hardship permit. A judge’s signature is required for a hardship permit for any first offense DUII conviction. A second conviction requires a 90 day waiting period. If you have been convicted three or more times we suggest you call Portland DUI lawyer Andy Green so he can explain the options in better details.

If you have any questions as it relates to getting a hardship permit after receiving a DUII in Portland, Oregon contact Andy Green at 1-503-477-5040. He has years of experience assisting those that are in need of legal representation after receiving a DUI citation.