If I Get a DUI Can I Plead Wet Reckless in Portland?

This is a question I get asked quite a bit. Anyone living outside of Portland or the state of Oregon has likely heard of others pleading “Wet Reckless” which is a lesser offense than a DUI. Wet reckless is described as a reduced plea arrangement made by a driver that has been arrested for driving while intoxicated. In essence, the driver pleads to reckless driving with alcohol being involved. What is different about a wet reckless plea is that it comes with fewer obligations, punishments and costs.

man pulled over for dui

In the state of Oregon the law prohibits prosecutors from reducing DUII charges meaning a wet reckless plea is not permitted in Portland or throughout the state of Oregon. Even though a wet reckless plea is not possible in the state, an experienced Portland DUI attorney such as myself can assist when it comes to reducing the penalties that come with a guilty plea of a DUII. In the state of Oregon there is a Diversion Program in which first time offenders may be eligible. This is a way for first time offenders to get the DUII off their driver’s record without a conviction. If you are seeking legal representation or information about reducing your DUII please contact me at 503-477-5040. You can also use the Contact Form to provide the information about your case.

When it comes to the Portland Diversion Program here are the eligibility requirements:

  • you meet all requirements described in the attached Petitioner Sworn Statement of Eligibility (DUII Diversion Form 3); and
  • you appeared in court on the date scheduled for your first appearance on the charge or the court finds good reason to excuse your failure to do so; and
  • you file this petition with the court within thirty (30) days of your first appearance in court, unless the court finds there is good cause to allow a later date.

A very important waiver of rights is “If you have a prior DUII conviction, the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision rules may prohibit you from leaving the state without permission during the diversion period.”

These rights and rules can be very complicated to understand. Many of those that read this resource will likely be first time offenders when it comes to DUII in Portland or the state or Oregon. I would urge you to contact me at 503-477-5040 as this will make it much easier for me to explain ways in which we can get your DUII off your driver’s record without a conviction. If you would like more information on the Oregon DUII Diversion Program please go to the link provided.