Portland’s Highway 26 Has a Yelp Review Page

There are many highways, interstates and intersections that have caused Portland residents and tourists problems over the last decade. This is a new one to us though. Portland’s Highway 26 actually has a Yelp Business page in which you can leave a review. Some of the reviews are quite funny. Here are a few that were a little more tame yet provided some great insight:


Dear Hwy 26,

I dislike you. You need to be at least one lane larger. You are always congested at any given time of the day. You make me want to scream, shout, and give other drivers the finger. Especially when going through the tunnel toward I84 and they cut me off to avoid being stuck in your long, long, line of cars. I’ve gotten in a bad accident on you. Drivers here are nuts and go well over the speed limit around your turns. Every hour seems like rush hour on the west side. And yet, I have to take you nearly every day to get around. Sigh.

Angrily yours,


It’s not your fault Highway 26, it’s ours.
We’ve got plenty of folks who drive this highway like fools.

The stretch between Portland and Hillsboro sucks to high hell.
The stretch between Hillsboro and the coast is a wild ride.
From Portland to Mount Hood is crazy and chock full of white knuckled drivers.

Keep on rockin’ Highway 26.

By the time I have moved on from my current job I will have spent a short lifetime on the 26. Although I don’t take pride in this fact, there are worst freeways to be stuck on. As a commuting veteran on 5 lane freeways, the 26 is a breeze. Yes there is congestion, but show me a freeway that doesn’t! When approaching downtown and once you get into Hillsboro the 26 is a really pretty drive. In the middle there is gets a little strip-mally but that’s Beaverton for you.

I long for the day the 26 wont be a daily part of my life, but all and all it’s alright in my book.

As a DUI and car accident lawyer in the Portland, Oregon area I often field phone calls and receive emails from those that have issues on the roads throughout Portland. Even though some may feel as if Highway 26 is the worst road in America it is important to remember that keeping one’s cool and not getting upset is imperative to avoid any type of misfortune.

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