Busiest Roads in Portland, Oregon During Rush Hour Traffic

It’s important to know where and when traffic is the heaviest, whether you’re looking for the quickest way to work, you’re navigating a new town, or if you’re looking for the safest way to get your kids to and from school.

Below we’ve included a couple of maps of the busiest Portland, Oregon area roadways. We’ll also show you how to do this for yourself in any city across the world later in the article.


Above is a birds eye view of Portland during rush hour on weekdays. Here, we can see that traffic is very congested around the city center, noticing that traffic moves very slow on Interstate 405, Interstate 5, Interstate 84, and Interstate 205 around 5-5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.


Taking a closer look, we’re able to see not only which Interstates are congested, but which Portland highways and main streets are as well. According to the map, traffic at the intersections of I-405 and I-5 is very bad on both the North and South sides of the city. Interstate 84, coming from the east side of Portland is also very trafficky, as is I-84 West. While most streets downtown are only moderately crowded, NW Lovejoy St., W Burnside Street, SW Clay Street and Highway 99W are perhaps the most crowded roads in downtown Portland. However, the business 405 Turnpike on the west side of Portland looks like it is crowded with standstill traffic during this time of day considering it’s color coded a deep burgundy. We suggest trying to avoid that, though it is only a small section of the overall highway.

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How to Find the Busiest Roads in Your City Using Google Maps

1. Search the destination in Google Maps. We’ve chosen Edinburgh, Scotland because we love it there. You should see an information box overlaid onto a map pop up like the one shown below. Here you can find nearby hotels and restaurants in the area, check the weather, view photos and Google Street View, read up on some quick facts about the city, as well as search the traffic patterns.


2. At the very bottom of this prompt box, you’ll usually see an option for “Traffic, Bicycling, Terrain.” Click this. If you don’t see prompt, it may be because the page setup is different. In this case, it will look like Option 2. Click on “Traffic.”

Option 1

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 3.06.42 PM


Option 2


3. From here, Google provides you with the option to view live traffic or typical traffic patterns. For our purposes, select “Typical traffic.” You’ll now be able to adjust the day and time of day to see which roads are congested at various times of the day.