What Does the “Proof” Mean in Relation to Alcohol Content?

Alcohol proof in the United States is defined as twice the percentage of Alcohol by Volume (ABV). This is a very easy calculation as Jack Daniels whiskey is 40% alcohol by volume which makes it 80 proof. Any adult beverage that is over 100 proof is considered a very strong alcoholic beverage. In the popular Discovery TV Show Moonshiners there are a few individuals that attempt to make 200 proof moonshine alcohol.

When it comes to intoxication or driving while under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) please understand that each person is different. There are some people that can easily handle three or four shots of hard liquor while there are others that become intoxicated with just one or two shots. There are breathalyzers that are available for those that are concerned they are too drunk to drive.

Also remember that Portland has many options when it comes to getting home safely without driving. In the last year the company Uber has become extremely popular. If you download the Uber app for your Android or iPhone you can “hail a cab” from your phone without even walking out of the bar or party. The app has your credit card safely secured and you will be charged once you return safely to your home or destination. There are always old fashioned cabs that are available throughout the city of Portland and state or Oregon as well.

Before trying a different type of vodka, gin, whiskey or rum it is wise to ask the bartender the exact alcohol by volume or proof of the beverage before taking four or five shots. Some of the newer mixes don’t even taste like alcohol and they can get an individual drunk quickly without them even knowing it.

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