Oregon Driver Arrested On Suspicion of Being Drunk – Had Kids in the Car

Samuel Lee Sanders, 37, was arrested in early April on a laundry list of charges. Police in Washington County booked Sanders on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII), reckless endangering, reckless driving, refusal of a breath test and driving with a suspended license.

Significantly, Sanders had two young children with him in the car at the time of his arrest. If he is unable to stage a successful Oregon drunk driving defense, this could mean substantially increased penalties.

Reckless Endangering Charge Tacked On For DUII With Children in the Car

Under Oregon law, reckless endangering of another person is committed by engaging in conduct that creates a substantial risk of injury to another person. Often, a reckless endangering charge accompanies drunk driving allegations.

There are generally three scenarios in which a DUII case can also include reckless endangering: if you were in a car accident, if you almost hit someone else or if you had a child in the vehicle at the time of your arrest. Remember, for a reckless endangering charge to stick, the other person does not actually have to have been harmed, only placed at risk of harm; if you are found to have caused actual injury to someone else as a result of drunk driving, you may be charged with assault.

Like a first DUII offense, reckless endangering is a Class A misdemeanor. When it comes about from operation of a motor vehicle, it can carry a fine of more than $6,000, a jail term and a period of drivers’ license suspension that increases with each subsequent offense.

Any time you are charged with DUII in Oregon, it is a serious matter. But, when there is a child with you at the time of arrest, you potentially face even greater penalties. If you were arrested for DUII with a minor in the vehicle, protect yourself: contact an experienced Portland DUII attorney today and begin building a strong legal defense.